Concorde Europe Ltd
Concorde Europe Ltd is a company operating in the financial arena.


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.



CEL intends to be a London-based merchant banking, strategic advisory,mergers and acquisitions, and Financial Technology-related (“FinTech”) firm focused on entrepreneurs, investors and businesses at the Middle Market level in the UK, continental Europe and Asia.  In addition to its headquarters in London, the Company at this time expects to open three branch offices, one in Toronto, one in or near Zurich, Switzerland and one in Oslo, Norway at a date unspecified at this time.





Concorde Europe Limited offers the following services to its clients:

Investment Banking Advisor

General business consulting.

strategic Advisory

Strategic advisory and corporate finance advice.


Mergers and acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnership, joint venture and restructuring advice.